Infant Care

Individualized Infant Care

Stonebrook Day School of Murfreesboro Infant Care Program assures your new child a safe and loving environment throughout the day. Babies are introduced to healthy social and emotional interaction, language acquisition, body awareness, and motor control. The play space for infants is inspired by the principles of Reggio Emilia is designed to encourage independent play, interaction with stimulating materials and create a curiosity about the world around them.

SB infant care Murfreesboro
Infant Care givers are specifically trained
for their critical duties, having the latest knowledge of Infant Care procedures and health needs. All infant teachers are thoroughly trained in SIDS and safe sleep. Each infant is monitored throughout the day and given both visual and aural stimuli that will nurture their growing minds and bodies.

The Infant Care program is designed to achieve the needs of babies and infants from 6 weeks through 12 months.
This program based on the principles of Reggio Emilia and designed based on studies by research that infants develop connections to the brain based on their 5 senses. It has been shown that providing an infant with a loving, nurturing, consistent environment they will grow stronger and be more active. Your infant will be on a balanced routine set by them to meet their individual needs. Our professional, trained infant teachers will spend each day interacting on the floor, reading stories, music & movement and loving on your baby.

“I am dropping you a note letting you know what a wonderful Infants program you have. Miss Julie at Stonebrook has a special way of comforting our baby and her watchful eyes made both of us realize that he was in great hands. What a comforting feeling when leaving your child in someone else’s care all day.” —Linda J.

The Infant Care  program at Stonebrook Day School is Baby Signs® Program-certified. Baby signing has been shown to help the infants and toddlers develop both language and cognitive skills. The Baby Signs® Program is based on the groundbreaking research which began an international movement to teach hearing babies to use signs.

Classroom Blogs

We provide Stonebrook families a private secure web site where they can review weekly classroom blogs that feature lots of photos and videos of the children with teacher comments.