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Stonebrook Day School has provided the Murfreesboro area with innovative early childhood education and development since 2003. Providing newborn and infant daycare, toddler and two year old child care, early preschool, preschool, and pre kindergarten programs.

Stonebrook Day School of Murfreesboro TN Early Learning Center is a place of enrichment and development dedicated to an emergent project based curriculum that invites children to explore, discover, create, communicate and collaborate. Learning through direct experience allowing children to investigate their theories, bringing learning to life and making learning visible for all.

Our preeminent daycare and "Reggio Emilia inspired" preschool educational program is for Murfreesboro children ranging in ages from 6 weeks to 5 years. We are strong believers in every child being given the room to grow, flourish and develop at their own pace. Our school nurtures a child's potential by providing rich learning environments. At Stonebrook Day School of Murfreesboro we strive to arouse and foster a sense of wonder and a love for discovery and learning in children at a very young age. We incorporate children’s energy, interests, temperament and developmental levels into everything we do and strive to provide activities and environments that will inspire, enrich, and educate. Stonebrook Day School, like your own child is uniquely one of a kind!

preschool learning

preschool learning