Nature Play

The Great Outdoors: It’s Not Just Nature, It’s a Necessity!

At Stonebrook Day School children interact in and with nature almost everyday. Our school building is nestled between two natural play areas sitting on 3 acres of partly wooded land. Stonebrook Playscape is a space that that blends natural materials, features, and vegetation with a creative landform to create complex play spaces with high levels of play value. The playscape also includes a working garden that the children tend to on a regular basis. Stonebrook Forest, of course has lots of trees of all sizes and differing varieties. Under the canopy of the large pecan and oak trees is a stage. There is also a teepee, fort, picnic tables, and plenty of space for young minds and bodies to explore. The Nature Path leading into the Stonebrook Forest offers a diversity of woodland plants and flowers that attract a large variety of birds and butterflies. Our children have seen box turtles, rabbits,  squirrels, a ground hog, woodpeckers, and many other kinds birds on their walks.

“If children are going to care for the earth, then working and playing with the very stuff of existence is a priority.” ~ David Hawkin