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Preschools in Murfreesboro TN
Innovative Early Childhood Education
Reggio Emilia Inspired

Preschool and pre-K Teacher and Student at Stonebrook Day School in Murfreesboro TN

Excellence in Murfreesboro Preschools starts with Stonebrook Day School! The Murfreesboro, Tennessee leader in preschool early childhood education and development since 2003! Preschool and PreK is such a very special time in your child’s life. We will prepare your child for entrance into the kindergarten and elementary school environment.

Our Reggio Emilia-inspired approach allows preschoolers to explore through play, and to learn through every experience. Children learn math through music, acquire language through art, and solve problems together. Our teachers guide the children in identifying their interests and pursuing projects that help them gain a new and exciting understanding of the world. The teachers also focus on each child’s individual progress as their build their language, academic, social and emotional skills.

The carefully prepared surroundings are designed to take advantage of the child’s sensitive years, those times when there is a readiness to learn specific skills. Rich classroom environments, full of hundreds of learning materials, facilitate the learning of skills moving from the concrete to abstract learning process and change often based on the rights and interests of the children and adults who inhabit them. An environment filled with natural light, order and beauty. Open spaces free from clutter, where every material is considered for its purpose, every corner is ever-evolving to encourage children to delve deeper and deeper into their interests. The environment encourages collaboration, communication and exploration. Our environment respects children as capable by providing them with authentic materials & tools. They are designed to put the preschool and pre-k children at ease by giving them freedom within limits — a safe place to grow and learn with qualified, well trained, caring teachers. Stonebrook's exceptional preschool and prek program advances all the necessary fundamentals and is designed with the goal to have a life long impact on our students.

Inspiration For Learning

Our Preschool and PreK curriculum also includes hands-on, educationally sound instructional methods to teach handwriting. Research supports the active teaching of preschool and prek children handwriting. Recent findings demonstrate that writing by hand improves creative writing skills and fine motor skills.

Video of Preschool Practicing Hand Writing

Using computers is an important component of our Early Preschool, Preschool, and Pre-K programs. Students practice and develop new skills through a variety of language, literacy, math and science lessons. The students learn about computers and technology in an environment that emphasizes collaboration and cooperation. All of our Early Preschool, Preschool and Pre-K, classrooms have iMac computers and iPads in their Computer Center.

We believe that families are children’s first teachers. Your child is an individual who grows and develops within your unique family. Hence, we support families by having twice-yearly family conferences, regular family fun events, a Facebook activits feed, monthly newsletters, monthly calendars of daily activity, Pinterest for sharing, and Twitter with childcare news.

A Nature Playscape

The physical outdoor environment provides a special stage for action and can stimulate children’s play, learning, and physical activity. The Natural Playscape in addition to functioning as an outdoor classroom, fosters informed stewardship of the environment in children by highlighting the connection between people and the natural world.

Preschool and Pre-K Natural Playground at Stonebrook Day School in Murfreesboro
Our Preschool & PreK Nature Playscape

Stonebrook Preschool is one of only a few leading Preschools in Middle Tennessee, and the only Murfreesboro Preschool to provide children with a Natural Playground. The National Wildlife Federation has designated our playscape as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Additionally, Stonebrook Day School's Preschool, PreK Classroom Garden offers a unique and wonderful learning experience for curious young minds.

Healthy Nutrition

Nutritional requirements are a big part of our preschool program. Healthy, balanced meals are provided for all Preschool and Pre-K children. All meals and snacks served by our Bright Day Cafe are peanut-free. We provide fresh fruits and vegetables, a protein, dairy, and whole grains. Nutritional Foods that children love to eat! Children with special dietary needs are welcomed. Building a sound understanding of good food and nutrition will stay with a child long after they leave our care. Children learn about health and nutrition as part of their Preschool and PreK curriculum.

High Speed WebCams

Parents and Grandparents can monitor their child's activity with smooth full motion video via a high speed internet connection. State of the art WebCams on our Natural Playground and in all Preschool and Pre K classrooms allow parents and families to share in their child’s day. Full family access is included in the weekly tuition.