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Reggio Emilia Inspired - Nature Play Enriched

Preschool and pre-K Teacher and Student at Stonebrook Day School in Murfreesboro TN

A Murfreesboro preschool for innovative early education. Low student/teacher ratios and small class sizes are designed to support development within children a lifelong passion for learning and exploration.

The focus is on equipping preschool children with the skills of how to learn. This not only serves as the foundation for kindergarten readiness, but in all areas of their development. By working with hands-on projects that preschoolers take a personal interest to, we connect and cement their base skills in literacy, mathematics, and science, as well as develop their creative, motor, and social skills. Children learn numbers and the alphabet in the context of their everyday experiences. Not by memorizing a preset, themed, teacher initiated, memo-graphed “ditto sheet.” You’ll seldom (if ever) see us involved in didactic teaching with the children, or leading a formalized group learning activity. We believe that children learn as they pursue their passions and questions; our job, we believe, is to deepen and extend that learning. Preschool students gain all the knowledge and confidence required to successfully move forward in their educational journeys.

The Stonebrook preschool program is also supplemented by ecological and environmental advocacy, which instills a sense of responsibility and pride in a child from their formative years. Nature Play is one of the core values at Stonebrook Day School.

Reggio Emilia-inspired approach

The Reggio Emilia-inspired approach to early childhood education allows preschoolers to explore through play, and to learn through every experience. Our educators guide the preschoolers in identifying their interests and pursuing projects that help them gain a new and exciting understanding of the world while at the same time establishing a solid and rounded base of educational skill sets. The teachers focus on each preschool child’s individual progress as they build their language, academic, social and emotional skills.

Preschool and pre-K Teacher and Student at Stonebrook Day School in Murfreesboro TN

Documentation is a key element in the Stonebrook Preschool and Reggio approach. Documentation serves many purposes, but most of all it is used as a research tool for studying children’s learning processes. Documentation is about what children are doing, learning and grasping, and the product of documentation is a reflection of interactions between teachers and children and among children. Documentation, because it is done on a daily basis, is a medium through which teachers discuss curriculum, keep it fluid and emergent, and develop a rational for its course. It provides a growing theory for daily practice.

Documenting the preschoolers’ daily experiences and ongoing projects gives meaning and identity to all that the children do. It is through the documentation that the teachers are able to gain insight into the thoughts of the children, determine further investigation for working on topics, create a history of the work, and generate further interest.

Inspiration For Learning

At Stonebrook Day School, children are invited to examine technology as a tool to deepen and extend explorations. It is common to hear children make reference to using or the Internet to research topics they are interested in learning more about. Cameras to preserve valuable but temporary creations, such as block castles or a painting in progress and to share their work with their friends and family. Light sources to reveal the properties of natural and found materials. These are just a few of the many ways that Stonebrook Day School children and adults use technology.

Big Math for Little Kids is a comprehensive program for 4 and 5-year olds, that develops what children know and are capable of doing, mathematically, not what has been traditionally thought to be appropriate. The activities are integrated into the emergent curriculum and carefully sequenced to introduce challenging mathematics.

Video of Preschool Practicing Hand Writing

The Preschool and PreK program also includes hands-on, educationally sound instructional methods to teach handwriting. Research supports the active teaching of preschool and prek children handwriting. Recent findings demonstrate that writing by hand improves creative writing skills and fine motor skills.

Stonebrook Preschool takes a comprehensive approach to reading readiness. This includes letter recognition and phonics, plus many opportunities to experience the joy of books.

Our Preschool and PreK emergent curriculum incorporates a careful combination of activities throughout the day that provoke interest, raise questions, and motivate intrinsic learning. Our environments, indoors and out, invite children to explore, wonder, play, and make connections.

We believe that families are children’s first teachers. Active participation with parents is encouraged. Family conferences, classroom blogs, parent volunteer days, monthly newsletters, special fun events, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are just a few of the ways we stay connected with Stonebrook families.

Nature Play

Preschool and Pre-K Natural Playscape at Stonebrook Day School in Murfreesboro
Preschool & PreK Natural Playscape

The physical outdoor environment provides a special stage for action and can stimulate childrens’ play, learning, and physical activity. The Natural Playscape and Stonebrook Forest in addition to functioning as an outdoor classrooms, fosters informed stewardship of the environment in children by highlighting the connection between people and the natural world.

Stonebrook Preschool is one of only a few leading Preschools in Middle Tennessee, and the only Murfreesboro Preschool to provide children with a Natural Playscape. The National Wildlife Federation has designated our playscape as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Additionally, Stonebrook Day School’s Preschool, PreK Classroom Garden offers a unique and wonderful learning experience for curious young minds.

A Forest for Preschool & PreK

Newly opened this summer, Stonebrook Forest brings a richer and deeper outdoor experience of open-ended creative play where nature can be perceived, observed, and touched. Birds, insects, plants, trees, soil, and water can be experienced first hand. In addition to providing a space where children can let there imaginations soar, Stonebrook Forest also serves as a unique, one of a kind, outdoor learning laboratory. From our infants to the preschoolers, the children learn through all kinds of sensory play and fun while fostering informed stewardship of the environment by highlighting the connection between people and the natural world.

Healthy Nutrition

Nutritional requirements are a big part of our preschool program. Healthy, balanced meals are provided for all Preschool and Pre-K children. All meals and snacks served by our Bright Day Cafe are peanut-free. We provide fresh fruits and vegetables, a protein, dairy, and whole grains. Nutritional Foods that children love to eat! Children with special dietary needs are welcomed. Building a sound understanding of good food and nutrition will stay with a child long after they leave our care. Children learn about health and nutrition as part of their Preschool and PreK curriculum.

Classroom Blogs and High Speed WebCams

We provide Stonebrook families a private, secure web site where they can see live full motion, learning in action over our classroom webcams. Also, classroom blogs with lots of photos of the children and teacher comments are shared at least weekly, serve to connect home and school at another level. Full family access is included in the weekly tuition.

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